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High Life - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

High Life

“...“… Alan Dolan is the breath guru based in Lanzarote – he’ll teach you how to do it properly by controlling your breath and increasing your oxygen intake. So take a deep breath, relax and head to a retreat near you.” ...”

Net-a-Porter - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru


“...“…Run from his private villa in Nazaret, retreats consist of one-on-one ‘breath sessions’ each day, plus optional yoga, massage and personal training. The format can be as flexible and informal as you want…” ...”

Tatler - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru


“...“‘…mere mortals can manage only a couple of minutes,’ Alan says from his swanky Lanzarote pad, where he runs Breathing Space retreats. ‘We’ve got these amazing lungs, but we’re not accessing them.’” ...”

Condé Nast Traveller - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Condé Nast Traveler

“...“…I feel in control of myself, my future… It all seems so much simpler; I can almost taste the positivity coursing through my system.” ...”

Hoffman - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Hoffman Process magazine

“...“…Breathwork is a powerful and safe way to infuse the body with much-needed oxygen and energy thereby enabling our own (often depleted) healing systems to bring about physical, emotional and/or psychological healing.” ...”

Easyjet - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Easyjet Traveller

“...“…With volcano sunsets visible from the sky-blue swimming pool and pink, flowering cacti in the garden, it’s certainly an idyllic setting… there’s a beaming smile on my face I haven’t seen since I was in my 20s.” ...”

Askmen - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

“...“…The shift he and his clients have experienced is one that changes the way you live. Dolan describes it as going from “black and white to full technicolor, 3D, hi-def.” ...”

Condé Nast Traveller - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Condé Nast Traveler

“...“…It is a viscerally intense and physical experience… I felt shaky when I got up, but also curiously serene.” ...”

The Guardian - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

The Guardian

“...Healthy holidays: learn to breathe better in Lanzarote “…Misgivings abandoned, I leave Lanzarote carrying what I arrived with, including the chocolate raisins. But I bring something back that I can honestly say is up there as my personal moon-walk. I’ve discovered something amazing, and it’s right under my nose.” Read the article at ...”

Mail on SUnday - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Mail On Sunday

“...“The sense of calm is profound. It is, for want of a less hippy word, blissful… Where meditation failed, transformational breathing succeeded. It’s the pill I wish I’d had all along.” ...”

The Telegraph - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

The Telegraph

“...Breathing this way puts your whole brain into recalibration mode. In just one session you can feel yourself letting go of emotions you’ve held in, reducing stress and anxiety and raising energy ...”

Medical Daily - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Medical Daily

“...“The breath guru was so enthralled by Transformational Breath that he gave up a high-flying job in the aerospace industry to teach it to the world…” ...”

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