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If you’re not quite ready to come to Lanzarote, or if you’re in between visits, why not give one of our workshops or 1-1 breath sessions a try? Alan regularly visits London and Cambridge as well as further afield introducing people to conscious breathing. He now conducts breath sessions via Skype too, for those unable to make it in person.

Breathing Space Retreats - Breathguru - Alan Dolan - About Workshops + 1-1s


Workshops generally happen in a yoga studio and usually comprise about 30-45 participants. No previous experience is necessary. Breathwork is a benign and yet powerful modality with no known contraindications. All you need to bring along is yourself, dressed in comfy, loose clothing.

What to expect

Alan will give a short introduction to the workings and benefits of breathwork, followed by a demonstration of the technique with a volunteer. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions, then it’s into the group breathing session. You’ll lie on your back or in a slightly elevated position and the whole group will breathe together. All participants will be guided and coached through the sessions by Alan’s team of certified facilitators. During the group breathe you will have your own very individual experience. Sensations of physical and/or physical or emotional release are not uncommon. Most people experience an increasing sense of peace and wellbeing. Whatever your experience you can be sure that it’s just the beginning of an incredible journey. Welcome to the world of conscious breathing!

On conclusion of the group breathe there will be a further opportunity for questions as well as advice on how to initiate your self-practice.

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Breathing Space Retreats - Breathguru - Alan Dolan - About Workshops + 1-1s

Advanced Workshops

For those of you who have already attended a workshop, or indeed a 1-1 session or retreat, I have developed the Breathe Yourself Alive: Deeper & Higher full day workshop.

There is nothing more important than the relationship we have with ourselves. This primary relationship informs both the quality of our day to day experience and the quality of relationships we have with others. In this workshop we explore and deepen the relationship with ourselves both in terms of how we inhabit our bodies and how accepting and open-hearted we are capable of being; deepening and opening to the beauty of our essential Being.

What to Expect

The vehicles for the explorations during this advanced workshop will be breath, movement and the use of sound as follows:
• Intro
• Recap of technique itself / plus recap of sound and movement techniques
• Mini breathe
• Q&A
• Group breathe – Embodiment
• Lunch
• Breath analyses
• How dance accentuates effects
• Group breathe 2 – Heart Opening
• Meditation
• Q&A
• Grounding meditation
• Close

If you would like to re-initiate a powerful self practice then get in touch to find out when these workshops are.

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Breathing Space Retreats - Breathguru - Alan Dolan - About Workshops + 1-1s

1-1 sessions

The major difference between a workshop and a 1-1 session is that in a 1-1 you have 100% of Alan’s attention. Regular clients will know about Alan’s care and intuitive understanding for each individual’s needs, and he will be at your side, responding to your breath every step of the way. With over a decade’s experience he is fully capable of guiding you through whatever issues or experiences arise.

1-1 sessions tend to happen before or after the workshop dates, so please take a look at our forthcoming workshops to see when Alan will next be in your area. Home visits are also possible subject to scheduling/availability. Wherever the session takes place, it will allow you to experience deep and transformational change.

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Skype sessions

A 1-1 or workshop in person with Alan is the most effective way to access the power of the breath; and in recent years he has conducted sessions in places as diverse as Dublin, Japan and Brazil. However there are plenty of people round the world who find it tricky to access Alan’s workshops. So in response to popular demand Alan now conducts breath sessions via Skype for those in remote locations or with limited access. They will be conducted in a very similar way to 1-1s in person; initial sessions will be 1hr 20mins, and follow-up sessions will be 1 hour long. Skype sessions are recommended for clients who have already attended a workshop or 1-1 session or the retreat.

If you’d like to book a Skype session, please email us on: info@breathguru.com

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