Workshops & 1-1s

Looking to explore Breathwork? Why not give one of our workshops or 1-1 sessions a try? Alan regularly visits London as well as further afield introducing people to Conscious Connected Breathing. He also conducts sessions online, for those unable to make it in person.

1-1 sessions – In Person and Online

1-1 sessions take place in London. Please take a look at our forthcoming sessions to see when appointments are available. Online sessions are available on a regular basis subject to scheduling/availability. Home visits are also possible in the London area.

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Breathing Space Retreats - Breathguru - Alan Dolan - About Workshops + 1-1s


Workshops generally happen in a yoga studio and usually comprise about 20-40 participants. No previous experience is necessary. Breathwork is a benign and yet powerful modality with few contraindications. All you need to bring along is yourself, dressed in comfy, loose clothing.

What to expect

Alan will give a short introduction to the workings and benefits of Breathwork, followed by a demonstration of the technique with a volunteer. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions, then it’s into the group breathing session. You’ll lie on your back or in a slightly elevated position and the whole group will breathe together. All participants will be guided and coached through the sessions by Alan’s team of certified facilitators. During the group breathe you will have your own very individual experience. Sensations of physical and/or emotional release are not uncommon. Most people experience an increasing sense of peace and wellbeing. Whatever your experience you can be sure that it’s just the beginning of an incredible journey. Welcome to the world of Conscious Connected Breathing!

On conclusion of the group breathe there will be a further opportunity for questions as well as advice on how to initiate your self-practice.

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