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Most of Alan’s work with Conscious Connected Breathing takes place one-on-one with clients, who come year-round to his retreat in the hillside village of Oasis de Nazaret on the beautiful island of Lanzarote.

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A place of peace and sanctuary, it’s the perfect environment for guests to take time out, relax, rejuvenate, and breathe their way to their desired change. Many people find the experience to be a turning point in their life journeys.

When you remove yourself from the demands of everyday life and find the space to experience daily 1-1 breath sessions amongst Lanzarote’s awe-inspiring landscapes, the results of Breathwork multiply exponentially. Walking on pristine sandy beaches or swimming in the crystal clear ocean is the ideal way to integrate changes brought about by your Breathwork.

Alan thinks of Lanzarote as the ‘other therapist’ in the equation and refers to it as ‘the Magic Island’ – not so much rabbits and hats but peak experiences and life-changing results.

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Alan’s Insights

“In my practice at Breathguru® I work with clients to achieve positive and lasting change in physical, emotional and spiritual health. After two decades of study I’ve learnt some highly effective techniques that can bring about powerful shifts in self-knowledge and the clearing of mental and emotional blocks. Lanzarote provides the perfect mix of peace, seclusion and breathtaking beauty for this kind of work, but I also hold regular 1-1 sessions and workshops in London and via Skype.  I’ve had so many wonderful moments with clients experiencing lasting breakthroughs. I’d love to see you too!”

If you’re new to Breathwork and are ready to move onwards and upwards, open to discovering more about yourself and clearing out the old/outdated while you’re at it, this may well be what you’ve been waiting for.

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In essence Breathguru® Retreats are about taking time out to deepen and improve the quality of the relationship you are having with yourself. Alan thinks of it as ‘fast track evolution’. Each person has their own unique experience. For some, it’s about getting physically healthier, for others it may be about working with mental or emotional issues, and others may have more ‘spiritual’ goals in mind. Often it’s a mixture of all these things.

As each person’s needs are unique the format is as flexible and informal as possible. The only things scheduled each day are your two breath sessions: one 1-1 and one group (maximum 4 people). Some people choose to focus completely on Breathwork. Other guests choose to add extra bodywork sessions or a little island exploration into the mix. Alan lives in Lanzarote all year round – except when he’s running workshops elsewhere in the world – and guests can book a retreat at a time to suit them. Most come for a week but it’s possible to come for as little as 4 nights or for as long as a month.

Everyone is welcome: couples, singles, friends or groups. Your 1-1 breath sessions with Alan will always be conducted in complete privacy, and you’re free to spend the rest of your time exactly as you wish: lounging by the pool, taking in the landscape, or being with yourself next to the ocean. There will only ever be a maximum of four guests at any one time, so you can be as private or as sociable as you wish.

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