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Having spent many years in the commercial sector – his last position in his ‘previous life’ was as a PR & Communications Manager in the Aerospace industry – Alan is perfectly geared up to meet the needs of those looking for a corporate retreat.

Breathguru® - Alan Dolan

Alan’s Insights

“Last year I had a very interesting experience introducing 16 senior CEOs and business owners from the UK to a very powerful and consciousness-changing breath technique as the final part of their eighteen month post-masters degree Leadership Development Programme run by the highly respected North One Consultancy. Many participants said this introduction to breathwork represented the highlight of their 18 month experience.

Companies I’ve worked with to date include Channel 4; Goldman Sachs; HSBC; News International; and Nivea (Beiersdorf)”

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The corporate peak performance programme ‘Climb the Volcano’ has been called a ‘metaphysical outward bound course’. It’s designed to take groups on a journey into the essence of their beings, heightening self-knowledge and teaching the ability to tap into powerful resources which will enhance every aspect of their lives from that point on.

In particular, participants will feel more confident in the workplace, better able to deal with the stresses of today’s office environments, more self-assured and assertive when dealing with team leadership and conflict resolution, a heightened sense of empathy for any issues their colleagues may present, and an improved ability to manage workplace and customer/client relationships without stress or tension coming into play.

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