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Breathe your way to better leadership

21 August 2017

“...‘Many people in highly demanding roles understand the importance of taking time out to exercise and eat well to maintain good physical health, but very few pay attention to how they breathe, which is just as important,’ says Alan Dolan ...”

The Landmark London partners with ‘breathing guru’

23 June 2017

“...The Landmark London has partnered with alternative practitioner Alan Dolan – founder of Breathing Space – to launch a new service as part of the reopening of the hotel’s spa and health club ...”

Learn to breathe in Lanzarote

8 May 2017

“...Alan Dolan runs his sellout Breathing Space workshops at his tranquil retreat… he has a cult following among celebrities, sportspeople and burnt-out city workers for his practical and refreshingly no-nonsense approach ...”

Pool & waterfall - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Retiros retirados

27 April 2017

“...A Alan Dolan le llaman el “gurú de la respiración”. Él, el Breath Guru, está detrás de unos retiros, los Breathing Space Retreats, que tienen al acto de inhalar y exhalar como centro de la agenda. ...”

Take a deep breath

27 April 2017

“...The hour vanishes, leaving me extraordinarily light and relaxed. My eyes feel wider, whiter, my lungs somehow larger, somehow cleaner on the inside. That night I sleep instantly, deeply – rare for me – and have crazy, vivid dreams. ...”

8 of the best

30 March 2017

“...For mums and daughters in need of a break from the everyday stress of urban life, this breathing retreat might be the perfect answer. Alan Dolan teaches the art of meditative breathing at a private villa ...”

The Telegraph - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

The Telegraph

4 January 2017

“...“…February sees these Spanish islands at their greenest, with reliable winter sunshine and early wildflowers… Alan Dolan will teach you the art of “conscious breathing”; it’s one of the most powerful therapies I’ve experienced…” ...”

Inspire by Psycle

22 December 2016

“...“…This is warrior work – You can literally shift how you feel one breath at a time. Conscious breathing is a powerful and safe way to infuse the body with oxygen and energy, recharging our own (often depleted) systems to work to their healing capacity…” ...”

Psychologies - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru


18 November 2016

“...“…And then, unexpectedly, everything loosens up: my neck relaxes, my jaw stops feeling taut and tense, and I just breathe. And lose time. Twenty minutes later, I become conscious of feeling light and happy – and rested. Remarkable…” ...”

Vogue Magazine - Breathguru - Breathing Space Retreats - Alan Dolan


18 August 2016

“...“…Breathguru, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, retreat – a scenic island setting is home to retreats and workshops on detoxing and fitness-enhancing techniques, led by “breath guru” Alan Dolan himself.” ...”

Stylist Magazine - Breathguru - Breathing Space Retreats - Alan Dolan


4 August 2016

“...“…It’s Alan Dolan’s breathwork workshop that has enticed me to 42 Acres, though; I’ve read rave testimonials by actors such as Naomie Harris, sportspeople like Paul Sampson, and mindfulness gurus like Jody Shield.” ...”

Metro - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru


19 May 2016

“...“…Best for? Spiritual types – you’ll meet ‘breath guru’ Alan Dolan, who has a villa in the hillside village of Oasis de Nazaret, and learn how to breathe properly to boost health and wellbeing…” ...”

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