My name is Mathieu Courivaud. Yoga and massage have been an essential part of my lifestyle for over twenty years and I have been practising them professionally since 2008.

I mainly practice Progressive Thai massage because of its holistic approach. This type of massage works on the physical and energetic aspects of the body as well as helping to release emotions.

It incorporates a wide range of techniques from acupressure to manipulation and movement of the body. One if its important attributes is stillness and as such it helps us to connect with the peaceful centre in us.

A session can treat the whole body or specific parts. It can be very gentle and slow or energetic with deep pressure. It is said that a Thai massage is based on compassion and hence the receiver is provided with special attention, the practice is done with great respect for the person receiving the treatment.  The state of inner peace it provides and the care to the client´s needs on physical and emotional levels makes this style of massage my absolute favourite.   Progressive Thai massage gives the sensation of floating whilst giving vitality, a clear mind, enthusiasm and a heightened awareness of unity with one´s self.

All retreat packages include a 60 minute session with me.  I am also available daily for extra sessions which cost 100 GBP.  You can book these in advance or decide when you are at the retreat.

Massage and Breathwork are a really powerful combination. My massage helps to identify and open up the areas of the body that are holding tension thus enhancing the effects of the Breathwork.