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And Breathe…

“...When was the last time you thought about your breathing? Probably the last time you ran for a bus! But given that we take more than 17,000 breaths a day, it’s worth paying attention to. ...”

Your lockdown mental health toolkit

“...Alan recommends doing a 10-minute breathwork practice just before hopping into bed. “It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system … super helpful in promoting both getting to sleep and staying asleep.” ...”

Are breathing techniques good for your health?

“...The market is flooded with books and classes claiming ‘breathwork’ can help with mental health, sleep and even Covid-19. But are experts convinced? Alan Dolan couldn’t afford market research when he started out as a breathing instructor in 2005. Instead, he took soundings from London taxi drivers. “I’d tell them I taught people to breathe […] ...”

The Knightsbridge Facelift

“...BEST WELLNESS RITUAL: Conscious Connected Breathing with Breathguru Alan Dolan will revolutionise the way you think about breath. It will recharge your system, promote healing, shift trapped negative energy and detoxify the body. ...”

What happened when I tried grounding for a week

“...As I breathed in and out deeply, I imagined roots spreading out from under my feet connecting my inner self with the ground below. The feeling of being grounded was so intense, it took me by surprise. ...”

Breathing, it’s the new health fad…

“...Dolan sees breathwork as a form of meditation. “This is a physical mantra… I often say breath work is meditation for people who can’t meditate.” ...”

Breathwork With Alan Dolan

“...I leave my breath session feeling totally rejuvenated – light, energised and clear-headed. I feel as if I’ve been breathing fresh air on a Swiss mountaintop ...”

Deep-breathing exercises for a clear mind

“...Not only is our breathing technique an effective and healthy way to protect ourselves from the ravages of stress and anxiety, it also provides an immediate remedy for dealing with symptoms as they occur ...”

The rise of now-age holidays

“...Dolan has helped people with ailments ranging from depression and anxiety to sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and severe pain… ‘To me, breathwork is very, very ancient. We’re really just rediscovering it ...”

Every breath you take…

“...Back home, and doing daily 10-minute sessions every morning, my exhaustion is a distant memory. I feel charged with energy and ready to handle anything the festive season (and Southern Railway) can throw at me ...”

Three stress-busting apps every modern man needs

“...Mr Dolan’s popularity means private sessions aren’t always immediately available, a conundrum that led him to create an app that features a series of easy-to-follow instructional videos for each day of the week ...”

This man will teach you how to breathe

“...My fellow students are similarly seduced. One is a fiftysomething property developer … He reports feelings of elation, vibrations through his body, and a few tears. By day three, he looks 10 years younger. ...”

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