Client testimonials

“Alan does some amazing Breathwork and has an amazing App”

Russell Brand, Comedian, Actor, Radio host, Writer, & Activist

Naomie Harris - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

“Alan Dolan is one of the best alternative practitioners/ breathworkers I’ve had the privilege to work with. His level of care for and intuitive understanding about the needs of his clients is second to none and I highly recommend him to any and everyone embarking on a journey of self discovery and/or looking for a way to live a happier, healthier and more peaceful life”

Naomie Harris, Actress; Oscar, Bafta & Golden Globe nominee

“Working with Alan I had an opportunity to discovery myself very deeply. His breathing techniques and intuition can lead you on a path to understanding, compassion and Love so that we can ultimately live the life we feel in our hearts”

Lloyd Everitt, Actor

Alan Dolan's Breathing Space Retreats/Breathguru - Dustin O'Halloran

“My stay with Alan at the Breathguru retreat was a truly transformative experience… his wisdom and guidance have helped unlock inner worlds of the mind and body.”

Dustin O’Halloran, Emmy award-winning musician & composer

Jody Shield testimonial - Alan Dolan, Breathguru | Breathing Space Retreats

“What I love about working with Alan is how safe I feel in his presence. He is very powerful in the gentlest of ways. He supports me to work through very deep and old information while remaining calm and peaceful the whole time. He makes it feel so easy. During the session I felt such a heavy burden lift off my shoulders, it was as if the weight-of-the-world I’d been carrying since birth and from my ancestors was suddenly released. Wow! And the best thing is the breath work is all so simple, that’s the beauty of it. It’s amazing to know you can simply return to the breath, and process so much by doing so.”

Jody Shield, Healer | Author | Speaker

“I have exercise induced asthma and now understand how a regular practise of conscious breathing can improve my respiratory condition. Learning how to improve my breathing with Alan has been incredible. His expertise and experience has helped me to improve my breathing pattern and has taught me how paramount a full breath is for recovery and reaching your full potential”

Paul Sampson, Former England International Rugby Player

Lisa Butcher - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

“I feel during our time together at your retreat a little magic happened… my life since has been filled with an abundance of joy and happiness. I feel as if finally I’m who I am meant to be and where I should be. I’m so grateful for all you have done. It really is such a huge gift. Sending you love and a big hug”

Lisa Butcher, presenter of ‘What Not To Wear’

Serena Gordon

“The perfect place to let go of old issues and find the clarity to go forward. I felt far more positive as a result. A very safe space where you can feel vulnerable and held at the same time. I feel more grounded than ever before”

Serena Gordon (co-founder Hoffman UK)

Barefoot Doctor - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

“The art of breathing is intrinsic to my own work – it helps me immeasurably; and Alan is a master practitioner of breath therapy”

Stephen Russell (The Barefoot Doctor)

Ulrike Feinde, Breathguru Graduate, February 2023

“When I applied for training with Alan I had only got in touch with breathwork a few times and found it interesting and appealing. Little did I know what this journey ahead was all about and maybe that was good at that point. Diving deep into one’s own shadow and traumas is a big part of the Breathguru training and in retrospect I think it really is the only way to become a good facilitator.

Alan is a fantastic mentor and definitely has become an important companion in this part of
my life.

I think the training is for everybody who is willing to dive deep and be vulnerable about their own journey as much as learning about the breath technique itself. I think the combination of embodying the breath as a tool of healing yourself and learning how to share this with others carries the most potential of becoming an authentic breathworker.

I am more than grateful for those past months which made me grow so much and took me further towards living my full potential. It’s a new piece of the puzzle of understanding what I came to this planet for.”

Ulrike Feindt, Breathguru Graduate
February 2023

“I did a lot of research when deciding who to do my Breathwork training with. I found Alan through several recommendations & decided to go with him / Breathguru. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Alan himself is so knowledgable & yet so grounded. He is there for you every step of the way, to answer questions, share wisdom & hold space.

What I love most about the program is that you’re guided on your own healing journey, this deep inner work has definitely made me a better Breathwork Facilitator. Venturing off to Lanzarote for the in-person modules is definitely a highlight too, those modules were life changing experiences that I’ll forever be grateful for.

I started the program feeling nervous & doubtful about my abilities, but it was an exciting, rewarding, eye opening experience & I graduated feeling so confident!

I have hosted 4 breathwork workshops in the short time since graduating, all of which sold out within days & I just can’t thank Alan enough for his mentorship & teaching.

If you want to be trained by the best then invest & go with Alan / Breathguru.”

Kady Gummerson, Breathguru Graduate
January 2023

“Empowered, inspired, revived! Just finished a week in Lanzarote with Alan Dolan, finding my inner Breathguru☆. In 30 years working in the world of wellness I have rarely experienced the depth of personal growth and insight that I found during this time. Plant medicine comes close, but the lucidity, open learning, deep focus, and capacity to take this method anywhere has been a life-changing experience. Thank you Alan!”

Bryan Hoare
October 2022

“I haven’t felt this beautiful, in…I don’t think, ever. I had no idea what to expect this trip but I have to say, I certainly couldn’t even begin to imagine that it would be on the scale that it has been. It feels that something quite significant occurred during my time with you and Matthieu. I have also noticed that I am actively becoming more conscious of the softness that I provide for my thoughts. Allowing them to gently float by, allowing me to strengthen my observatory skills and quelling the harsh critique. Just being present with each moment as they come. I’m so grateful for you Alan…thank you for being on this planet, for all your work, care and your commitment…true love”

Michael John Harper

“I’ve just returned from the most rejuvenating, relaxing and peaceful week of my life at the fabulous Breathguru Retreat in Lanzarote. There were about 20 people on the beach and it was August! The weather was glorious with a delightful breeze which tempered the heat. Breathwork is one of the most powerful practices I know of for resetting the nervous system back in to rest and digest as well as clearing trauma that is suppressed and repressed and Alan is a master teacher and healer. If you’re after a detox and reset I highly recommend! “

Naomi Cambridge

“Alan, the work you do is amazing: thank you for showing me the way back home………..If you’re going through something tough, my advice to you: throw your phone in the sea and then go see Alan in Lanzarote. He will bring you home, where all the answers lie”

Leah Taj Joseph

“My experience at the retreat with Alan was one of a lifetime.  It brought me back to feeling like myself… it’s one of those things that are difficult to explain and I’m sure more difficult to believe unless you go through this incredible journey yourself. It was quietly easily the best gift I ever gave myself- and more importantly to my children”

Maryam Keyhani

Been feeling like a different person since the retreat, absolute game changer (in a positive way) – thank you Alan. Oh and the food was amazing!

Chris Padmore

“The feeling of calm I experienced through your retreat has been sustained thus far and ever since my return home I sleep right through the night. I have not been able to do this for many years now and as you may imagine it is highly beneficial for my health . I am no longer overwhelmed with fatigue during the day. There has been a sea change which I cannot define precisely due to your and Matthieu’ s treatment. Incidentally I lost just over 3 kilos another benefit!”

Clive Farrell

“I just wanted to touch base and say a huge thank you for running the Beginners’ Course. I have absolutely LOVED it. I always feel relaxed but also energised after our sessions and after my own private practice (which is now becoming a solid part of my daily routine). I also really love the way you hold the space Alan and the language you use when you’re teaching us”

Katie Sutton

“I have been working with Alan Dolan for several years now and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him on numerous occasions in London for 1-1 sessions, at his retreats in Lanzarote on three occasions and now in lockdown doing once or twice weekly 1-1 Skype sessions. I also practice breathing every day on my own when I am not working with Alan. Alan is a caring and intuitive teacher and co-creator, who has helped me tremendously on my journey. I have found that the longer I engage in the practice of conscious breathing, the more benefits I receive, and I find the variety of the forms of practicing conscious breathing with Alan (and alone) each bestow significant benefits. Although he is not physically touching you when you do a Skype session, he is vibrationally present and senses what is going on with you. During our Skype session, I have found him able to guide me through issues and help me get a better focus than if I was doing the breathing practice by myself. It’s also great to talk through what’s going on and what comes up before and after the breath work and that is akin to seeing him in person. Any way you can work with Alan is highly recommended (the retreats are especially awesome…)!”

Tina Baker

“My first experience with a 1-1 session with Alan was incredible. So incredible that I immediately booked my girlfriend in for the next day. I had done about six 1-1 sessions and a beginners workshop and had been really enjoying doing the breathwork at home too. But it was going to the full day advanced workshop that I had the most obvious changed to my life. I had insomnia in the form of not being able to stay asleep through the night. I track my sleep and recovery with a Whoop band so I can see in-depth data about how much REM, Deep and awake time I have each night. Before this workshop, I would spend an average of 2 hours per night awake and my sleep efficiency was around 75%. This is the amount of time you spend asleep divided by the time you spend in bed. Since this workshop my average time awake per night has been 15 minutes and my sleep efficiency has been around 95%. I have the data to prove it if you need!”

Richard Blake, London

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