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August 2010 Newsletter

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Breathe Yourself Alive – Workshops for All Levels

September is naturally a time of new beginnings, as the ease of the summer haze starts to fade. But before the back to work feeling kicks in, there’s time to consider the different ways we can effect change and learn how to mould and shape our lives towards a lighter, brighter existence. Exploring our breath makes these things simple and affords us with the space and time to ease the pressure of the daily grind. With self-practice possible after just one session, conscious breathing really is a straight road towards enlightenment…

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Harper's Bazaar - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Harper’s Bazaar

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Feel good

“‘The Bhastrika Breath energises you instantly,’ says Alan Dolan, of Breathing Space Holidays. ‘Try inhaling through your nose as you stretch your arms up. Now clench your fists as you exhale through the mouth with a “ha” sound, while bringing your hands down to chest level…’”

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