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“I was sceptical to begin with… recently widowed I was feeling pretty low so I gave it a whirl. Gosh, what a difference! Two sessions enabled me to recognise my grief, examine it and learn to live with it. I came home with a positive attitude, calmer and with more hope for the future. All my friends noticed the ‘glow’ and commented that I was somehow a different person. It’s a wonderful experience to release so much pent up emotion and come out feeling refreshed and positive.”

Rosemary, Westcliff-on-Sea

“Great sense of relaxation and letting go… as a former asthmatic with a stressful job in an inner city school I find I use the techniques I learned to feel more relaxed and calm. I would definitely recommend it”

Maureen, London

“My Breathing Space retreat was just that… space for myself to focus on me, just me. Alan’s experience, natural compassion and intuition enabled me to learn about myself and to ‘clear’ emotionally and physically. At the end of the week I felt stronger, clearer, spiritually and literally ‘lighter’… a life changing week. I am resolved to make it an annual retreat. Worth every penny and more.”

Emma, Cambridge

“More positive… less angry”

Mike, London

“A week of breathing and an infinity of results! I dropped so much baggage and re-connected to the ‘real’ me… what’s more, the effects are long-lasting. Each day brings new insights and clarity into who I am and what I want to do!”

Anamika, St Albans

“I had clinical depression for over 30 years, tried every kind of therapy both mainstream and alternative. Last year a trusted friend persuaded me to try just one more thing – conscious breathing. I’m so glad I did. It does what is says on the tin. My ‘stuff’ just seemed to evaporate and by day four of my Breathing Space week I woke up looking forward to the future! Months on I still feel well and am building on that initial foundation week.

I would recommend spending a week with Alan to anyone. His professionalism, support and talent keep you safe on your personal journey. The most powerful intervention I have ever experienced.”

Rebecca, Glasgow

“My work can be quite stressful and anything that was going to make life easier was worth a try. The session started with me indicating to Alan that I was a sceptic. It ended with me being a convert ! I won’t even begin to try and explain the session other than to say that it was a truly life changing experience . I now use ‘the Breath’ on a weekly basis and still get the thrill of the results experienced at my first session. I would recommend the system to the sceptics, the stressed and anyone looking to clear their minds and explore new vistas.”

Kel Kelvin, Lanzarote

“I’d recommend doing conscious breathing in Lanzarote with Alan to everyone. I’d give 10/10 to the whole experience, to breathing, to Lanzarote and to Alan”

Alejandro Benigni, JPM Chase

“As a breath worker myself, I usually manage my own breath sessions, but then sometimes life gets overwhelming and like most people, I need help. In one of those periods I went to Lanzarote for a “Breathing Space” retreat. Alan is such a skilled breath worker as well as a kind, compassionate and loving human being and as the days and the sessions went by, my resistance and distress began to dissipate. Alan gently assisted me to reconnect the pieces and I came home a more complete version of myself than I had felt for a long time. The experience of being held and nurtured by the whole “Breathing Space” package will, I know, have lasting benefits in my life.”

Ange Leake

“I have practiced yoga for 8 years and meditation for 5 years and have always struggled with breathing and connecting the breath. I felt constricted across the chest and stuck. I knew I wasn’t breathing to my full capacity and that was the motivating factor for my initial interest in transformational breath. My actual experience extended way beyond any expectations I ever believed for what could be achieved through breathing! The breath work took me on a huge healing journey in 5 days and for the first time in my life I could feel my heart softening and opening. The work Alan does is incredible, truly life changing and transformative – Thank you for an amazing experience, Alan.”

Naomi Buff – Monaco

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