Client testimonials

“I’ll be honest I was cautious about if I could get anything from just ‘breathing’. Seeing as I’d been breathing pretty successfully for all of my life. I remember even saying to Alan I was worried he wouldn’t be able to help me, I’d be that one in a million that’s beyond help or just wouldn’t get it. I’ve never been happier to be so wrong in my life. The retreat was an amazing experience and I started to feel the huge benefits very quickly which was so exciting. I felt myself changing in small but deep ways day by day. What’s great was that it’s given me something I can do myself now everyday. And I have. The effects ripple out into so many other areas of your life. I hope you try it”

Christian O´Connell Radio DJ, comedian, author

“Alan is a very talented breath and body worker. He magically combines great skill/insight with lightness & grace. I’d highly recommend his glorious retreat”

Hilary Wilson; Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author

“It was like seeing an old friend, even though I’d never met you before. You made me feel at total ease – which is something quite unusual for me.”

Melanie, Manchester

“I have practiced yoga and meditation for many years and have always struggled with breathing and connecting the breath, I felt constricted across the chest and stuck. I knew I wasn’t breathing to my full capacity and that was the motivating factor for my initial interest in transformational breath, my actual experience extends way beyond any expectations I ever believed could be achieved through breathing! The breath work took me on a huge healing journey in 5 days and for the first time in my life I could feel my heart softening and opening. The work Alan does is incredible, truly life changing and transformational”

Naomi Buff, Naomi’s Kitchen, Monaco

“I have such a warm glow of gratitude and inspiration from the past week at the retreat, that I can’t quite fathom we’ve “only” done a week’s worth of work. If feels like half a year in transformation time, at least! Thank you for your generosity in terms of both time, effort, sound advice and all the love you serve it up with. I am forever grateful”

Hanne, Denmark

“I came to the Alan’s Lanzarote retreat stressed and quite frankly not very well. I was waking at night short of breath, every night. I was worried. The combination of Alan’s techniques, Martin’s massages and the general ambiance of the place meant I left it four days later a new man. Lighter in mind and body and importantly with the tools to help myself in future. And I got my sleep back. And have ever since. I would recommended anyone who needs to re-find their balance to go”

Dominic, London

“As a breath worker myself, I usually manage my own breath sessions, but then sometimes life gets overwhelming and like most people, I need help. Alan is such a skilled breath worker as well as a kind, compassionate and loving human being and as the days and the sessions went by, my resistance and distress began to dissipate. The experience of being held and nurtured by the whole “Breathing Space” package will, I know, have lasting benefits in my life”

Ange Leake, Breathangel UK

“Thank you thank you! For your generosity, gentleness and guidance. What a remarkable few days at the retreat”

Claire, UK

“Learning the power we have within us to recalibrate ourselves was the most powerful message I took with me after my stay at Breathing Space Retreat, Lanzarote”

Joseph, UK

“The retreat was a real gift and was the catalyst for the beginning of my spiritual journey. It enabled me to connect with myself for the first time in years and Alan’s breath work was invaluable and now forms part of my daily routine”

Delaine, UK

“I’d describe my experience at the retreat as a cocoon, the perfect space to just be, ground and come back to yourself. I realised the other day when walking how much more peaceful my head was; I normally have a million thoughts whizzing around and now there’s a calmness”

Amai, London

“Thank you again for showing me the way back into my body, no words can ever express what this means to me”

Nicola, London workshop attendee

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