Client testimonials

“What an incredible experience that was. I experienced the amazing beauty of divinity and I AM-ness, also a deep sadness/grief… all at once!! Today, I feel a calmness and a softness. peaceful. Perhaps how the earth feels after a good rainstorm?”

Jo, London workshop attendee

“I truly enjoyed my time working with you and felt some deep releases that I still feel now. I find I’m not taking things quite as personally and am calmer in my day to day interactions. Coming to stay and do this with you was definitely a great decision”

Jodi, Canada

“I was profoundly moved from the experience. I could feel the energy move up through my body, and I never expected there to be such a strong release of emotion with tears running down my face”

Joe, London workshop attendee

“A huge thank you from me for such an enlightening experience which has helped me enormously both physically and emotionally. It was a great pleasure to meet you and spend time learning the techniques and discussing all kinds of things from meditation and nutrition to led zeppelin and kate bush”

Phil, Switzerland

“A big thank you for a fantastic week… loved it. Feeling fabulous… you have an exceptional team around you”


“Alan’s unfaltering dedication and intuitive responsiveness during my retreat was a pivotal factor in the improvement of my health and the evolution of my soul”


“It was so enlightening to be reminded of what a finely tuned instrument the body really is, it’s very easy to forget that in a busy life”

Jules, London worshop attendee

“My time at the Breathing Space in Lanzarote was wonderful, just what I needed to give space and attention to myself… the place is an oasis of peace. After a few days there I have such positive energy and I feel better and better each day. I am generally in a good mood and with more focused energy. Everything feels less stressful. My family tells me I am smiling more…”


“I came to your retreat a few years ago and wanted to thank you for getting me started on my spiritual path… a big thank you for the inspiration”

Anna, Luxembourg

“To have a tool to raise my vibration as much as this does… is such a gift. The change in my energy even after a 10 minute breathe was astounding”

Jamie, Bristol

“I can honestly say I feel great. I was a complete mess when I arrived in Lanzarote but now feel so much more grounded and aware. And a lot less ‘troubled’ by external forces. During yesterday’s walk the scenery, the smells, lights, sounds, all seemed intensified. Not only that, but the reaction of other walkers to me… they smiled widely and their greetings were genuinely ‘happy to see me’ …was it the sun or the vibrations?”


“Having now worked with Alan in both group and 1-1 settings I have found the experience to be very beneficial. The empowerment from knowing we each have this power of breath and change within us is incredible. The 1-1 session gave me insights into my own subconscious and I felt tremendous release during and after the breath work. As a therapist myself (and marketing director for aromatherapy brand Scentered) I found the concept of releasing emotions whilst not attaching to their meanings very interesting and new. I would urge people to surrender and give it their all, don’t be scared of what comes up and trust in letting go. The experience was far more powerful than I anticipated and the result is a lighter and happier me.”

Lucy, Marketing Director

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