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Free your breath

“…Then I met Alan Dolan who teaches a therapeutic breath technique called conscious breathing. In the first session, I found myself taking huge, deep belly breaths for nearly an hour to a peculiar rhythm, eyes closed, propped up with a stack of Indian embroidered cushions. Sounds bizarre, and it was. I slid into a deeply meditative, almost ecstatic state, and I felt like I could ‘let go’ of a whole lot of emotional baggage (often held as tension in the body: Alan uses acupressure massage during the session to help release it). I felt energised and uplifted afterwards, if exhausted and dehydrated. Everyone has a different experience; it can be relief of physical symptoms such as breathing difficulties, anxiety, low energy, as well as working on the more emotional side of letting go of trauma, giving you a confidence boost or a feeling of clarity. Regular practice is recommended – you learn the technique as a ‘take home’ as well as going to sessions. Alan teaches groups and one to ones around the country as well as at his gorgeous retreat in Lanzarote.”

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