Client Testimonials

Ulrike Feinde, Breathguru Graduate, February 2023
Ulrike Feindt, Breathguru Graduate, February 2023

“When I applied for training with Alan I had only got in touch with breathwork a few times and found it interesting and appealing. Little did I know what this journey ahead was all about and maybe that was good at that point. Diving deep into one’s own shadow and traumas is a big part of the Breathguru training and in retrospect I think it really is the only way to become a good facilitator.

Alan is a fantastic mentor and definitely has become an important companion in this part of
my life.

I think the training is for everybody who is willing to dive deep and be vulnerable about their own journey as much as learning about the breath technique itself. I think the combination of embodying the breath as a tool of healing yourself and learning how to share this with others carries the most potential of becoming an authentic breathworker.

I am more than grateful for those past months which made me grow so much and took me further towards living my full potential. It’s a new piece of the puzzle of understanding what I came to this planet for.”