Client Testimonials

Tina Baker

“I have been working with Alan Dolan for several years now and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him on numerous occasions in London for 1-1 sessions, at his retreats in Lanzarote on three occasions and now in lockdown doing once or twice weekly 1-1 Skype sessions. I also practice breathing every day on my own when I am not working with Alan. Alan is a caring and intuitive teacher and co-creator, who has helped me tremendously on my journey. I have found that the longer I engage in the practice of conscious breathing, the more benefits I receive, and I find the variety of the forms of practicing conscious breathing with Alan (and alone) each bestow significant benefits. Although he is not physically touching you when you do a Skype session, he is vibrationally present and senses what is going on with you. During our Skype session, I have found him able to guide me through issues and help me get a better focus than if I was doing the breathing practice by myself. It’s also great to talk through what’s going on and what comes up before and after the breath work and that is akin to seeing him in person. Any way you can work with Alan is highly recommended (the retreats are especially awesome…)!”