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The Knightsbridge Facelift

SW1 is fast becoming London’s go-to for all things beauty, health and wellness. But are you a Harrods or an Urban Retreat kinda girl? asks Eva Ramirez

The Royal Borough’s approach is more holistic than overhaul; think subtle tweakments and non-invasive therapies over surgical procedures. Instant results with minimal downtime are key and if they happen to bolster our gut health or realign our chakras too, then all the better. Harrods has expanded its beauty and wellness space by 53 per cent with a new Beauty Hall and revamped Wellness Clinic. Around the corner, Urban Retreat has converted a five-storey building christened ‘The White House’ into a health and beauty emporium. We’ve searched both hotspots to cherry-pick the stand-out treatments, products and therapists that’ll have you hopping straight onto the Piccadilly line.

You’re bound to find something to suit your skin in world’s largest beauty emporium. ‘Magic’ mirrors use AI technology to virtually apply products without going anywhere near bacteria-laden testers. The Wellness Clinic is a holistic medical hybrid, with international doctors, reiki masters and the best aestheticians in the business.

BEST PRODUCTS: Japan’s Clé de Peau Beauté chose Harrods as its exclusive UK launch partner. We love the Radiant Fluid Foundation (£105).

BEST FACIAL: The Super Seed Nutrient facial by plant-based Votary works wonders on sensitive skin. It involves a very light lactic acid peel followed by a rose quartz facial massage.

BEST BODY TREATMENT: 111Cryo’s full-body chamber boosts metabolism, encourages muscle recovery post-exercise and tightens skin, all in just three minutes at -90°C.

BEST WELLNESS RITUAL: The Elixir Clinic offers a cocktail menu of 15 different intravenous vitamin infusions to target specific complaints.

BEST THERAPIST: Dr John Tsagaris’ acupuncture treatment regenerates the skin with microneedles and micro- injections of hyaluronic acid.

ULTIMATE HIGHLIGHT: From 2020 the lower- ground floor turns into an auditorium for talks and masterclasses.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking Urban Retreat on Hans Crescent for a private members’ club. The lower ground floor is home to the Khera-Griggs Cleanse Clinic, where nutrition consultation, bespoke cleanses, diagnostic testing, body contouring, colonic hydrotherapy, infrared saunas, one-on- one yoga, pilates and meditation sessions are all available. Frédéric Fekkai has chosen to open his first global salon here and there’s also a women’s wellness centre led by Harley Street’s finest Dr John Studd.

BEST PRODUCTS: Haute Custom Beauty’s Tailored Beauty Ritual (£660) will switch up your entire regime with a 30- day supply of HCB Elixir Collection, Collagen Tonic and Moisturiser Supreme, all specific to your skin type.

BEST BEAUTY TREAT: SumanBrows is the best in the business. Book in for a bespoke microblading session with SumanBrows and have your utterly transformed and lifted with natural-looking brows.

BEST BODY TREATMENT: Yumiko Inoue’s Manual Lymphatic Body Treatment uses massage, reflexology and cupping techniques to smooth, flatten and debloat in all the right areas.

BEST WELLNESS RITUAL: Conscious connected breathing with Breathguru Alan Dolan will revolutionise the way you think about breath. It will recharge your system, promote healing, shift trapped negative energy and detoxify the body.

BEST THERAPIST: As far as colonics go, this is as glamorous as they get. Naturopathic nutritionist Amanda Griggs uses hydrotherapy as well as Manex Ibar’s Fréquence chakra oils to leave you feeling light, cleansed and clear-headed.

ULTIMATE HIGHLIGHT: Internationally renowned Shaman Durek (Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to) calls Urban Retreat his base when in the UK. Book a healing session with this spiritual mentor for a mind-body- soul experience like no other.