Breathing Space Retreats April 2016 Newsletter
42 Acres retreat, Somerset; London workshop; Lanzarote retreat & availability
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Breathing Space Retreats, Lanzarote
Alan Dolan

Breathing Space Retreats
April 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone and greetings from the Magic Island.

Having just returned from Tokyo I'm now getting ready to head to the UK for a workshop at Indaba Yoga on April 16th. These events are great fun and massively powerful, but if you feel like something deeper and more intensive you have a choice: come to my first ever retreat in the UK at 42 Acres in Somerset in early May, or head over to the Lanzarote retreat which runs year-round. Details of both below...

With love, Alan

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42 Acres retreat  ▶
London workshop  ▶
Lanzarote retreat  ▶
Latest Lanzarote availability  ▶

42 Acres retreat, Somerset –
May 6-10 2016

42 AcresAlan Dolan and Anwar Ravjani are combining their talents to bring a Breathing Space Retreat to Somerset this May. 

42 AcresIt will be a powerful and intensive five days in which to relax, regenerate and refill. Each day begins and ends with a group Conscious Breathing session. During the retreat each guest will receive an individual breath and bodywork session; your time is otherwise free to rest and walk amongst the beautiful and nourishing landscape.

42 Acres42 Acres is a peaceful private retreat space in Somerset, with elegant and comfortable accommodation and walking paths through 700 acres of surrounding ancient forest with 42 acres of completely private land to explore.

42 Acres6th – 10th May 2016
£1620 inc VAT

Includes private room, all meals, bodywork and Conscious Breathing.

Visit for more info  ▶

London breath workshop – 
Indaba Yoga, April 16 2016

There are still a few spaces left at this workshop, taking place this coming Saturday 5-8pm at Indaba Yoga Studio, London NW1 6UA. Click the link below to book a spot.  ▶

The Magic island of Lanzarote –
Year-round retreats

Lanzarote Most of Alan’s work takes place one-on-one with clients who come year-round to his villa on beautiful Lanzarote.

Lanzarote A place of peace and sanctuary, it’s a detox for every level of being. The perfect environment for guests to slow down, reconnect and recharge, and breathe their way to lasting change.

LanzaroteWith its pristine beaches, crystal clear ocean and majestic volanoes, Alan thinks of Lanzarote as the ‘other therapist’ in the equation and now refers to it as ‘the Magic Island’ – not so much rabbits and hats but peak experiences and life-changing results.

" The perfect place to let go of old issues and find the clarity to go forward. I felt far more positive as a result. A very safe space where you can feel vulnerable and held at the same time. I feel more grounded than ever before." Serena Gordon (co-founder Hoffman UK)

Lanzarote retreats – 
latest availability

Apr 27 - May 4 / Suite / Loft
Jun 2 - 8 / Suite / Skyview
Jul 25 - Aug 3 / Skyview / Loft
Sep 4 - 10 / Suite / Loft

All dates given are windows and you can take any 4+ night stay within the time frames given.

Email us to book  ▶

Discover Conscious Breathing with workshops & 1-1 sessions in London, Cambridge, and Tokyo, and intensive experiences in Lanzarote.
“I feel during our time together at your retreat a little magic happened... my life since has been filled with an abundance of joy and happiness. I'm who I'm meant to be”
Lisa Butcher of ‘What Not To Wear’

“Alan Dolan is one of the best alternative practitioners I’ve worked with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to live a happy, healthy, peaceful life”
Naomie Harris, star of 007 Skyfall & Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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