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Summer update & autumn availability
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Summer update & autumn availability

Hi everyone

Greetings from the Magic Island!

We have had an amazing summer here at the retreat.

Great people coming through as always and a new development for this year: I've breathed two families i.e. mum, dad, and the kids too. One family had two sons of 7 and 9 and the other had two sons of 16 and 18. People often ask if working with Breath is ok for kids and my answer is a definite YES. My youngest client ever was only 6 weeks old when I breathed her, with the oldest client thus far being 86 years of age. Both sessions were beautiful and the Breath delivered as it always does.

Lou the resident canine therapist and La Graciosa Island just off Lanzarote's coast... cue Robinson Crusoe fantasies

The other question I get asked a lot from couples is whether it would be better for them to do the retreat together or separately. My answer is that more often than not it works just fine to come on the retreat together and, in fact, can take one's relationship to a whole new level of intimacy.

As word spreads and the retreat becomes more popular we have the following availability windows for the rest of 2015. Choose any 4-7 night stay within the dates given and drop us a line:

Sep 30 - Oct 20 / The Loft
Oct 7 - 20 / The Suite
Oct 8 - 15 / Skyview

The retreats begin again January 18th 2016.

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