Breathing Space Retreats September 2016 Newsletter
London workshop; London 1-1s; Lanzarote retreat availability; Alan Purves
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Breathing Space Retreats, Lanzarote
Alan Dolan

Breathing Space Retreats
September 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone and greetings from the Magic Island.

Hope you all had a wonderful summer. I've been in the UK at 42 Acres in Somerset and I'm now getting ready to head back over for a workshop at Indaba Yoga on September 11th, plus some 1-1s to boot. The workshops are great fun and massively powerful, but if you feel like something deeper and more intensive, head over to the Lanzarote retreat which runs year-round. Details of both below, along with an introduction to my colleague, friend and namesake Alan Purves.

With love, Alan

In this newsletter:

London workshop  ▶
London 1-1s  ▶
Lanzarote retreat availability  ▶
Alan Purves  ▶

London breath workshop – 
Indaba Yoga, September 11 2016, 1.30-4.30pm

There are still a few spaces left at our Indaba workshop, in London NW1 6UA. Click the link to book a spot.  ▶

1-1 sessions – 
St John's Wood

• Sep 14 / 7.30pm
• Sep 17 / 3.00pm 

Email us to book  ▶

Lanzarote retreats – 
latest availability

Oct 2 - 8 / Loft
Oct 29 - Nov 5 / Loft / Suite
Nov 18 - 27 / Loft / Suite 
Nov 23 - 27 / Skyview 

All dates given are windows and you can take any 4+ night stay within the time frames given.

Email us to book  ▶

Alan Purves, Akashic Records Consultant

Alan Purves Alan Purves is a London based certified Akashic Records Consultant with Journey to the Heart after studying with Ernesto Ortiz.

Alan's wish has always been to help people on their spiritual path. The Akashic Records does just that. The word Akashic is a Sanskrit word that means primordial substance. The Akashic Records are the story of your Soul’s evolution from the time of its inception. They are the past, present and contain the possibility of the unfolding of future events. They are your personal Book of Life.

As an Akashic Records Consultant, Alan will access your records by a sacred prayer. Your Masters, Teachers and loved ones come to you seeking to help you navigate through life without any judgement and always with the underlining premise of unconditional Love.

Alan’s loving way when opening the Akashic Records is very comforting. Even though the information received might be big, I never felt left alone with it. Together we worked through it so it all fell into place. The preciseness of the information was quite incredible and extremely helpful for my own evolvement, personally and spiritually.” Angela, New Zealand

To book your appointment please contact Alan by e-mail:  ▶

Discover Conscious Breathing with workshops & 1-1 sessions in London, Cambridge, and Tokyo, and intensive experiences in Lanzarote.
“I feel during our time together at your retreat a little magic happened... my life since has been filled with an abundance of joy and happiness. I'm who I'm meant to be”
Lisa Butcher of ‘What Not To Wear’

“Alan Dolan is one of the best alternative practitioners I’ve worked with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to live a happy, healthy, peaceful life”
Naomie Harris, star of 007 Skyfall & Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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