Breathing Space Retreats December 2016 Newsletter
Lanzarote retreat availability; London 1-1s; Festive vouchers
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Breathing Space Retreats, Lanzarote
Alan Dolan

Breathing Space Retreats
December 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone

Greetings from the Breathing Space retreat on the Magic Island of Lanzarote. We have just said goodbye to a lovely group and are getting ready to welcome our final guests for 2016. I continue to be in awe of what the Breath is capable of and of how powerful we can be as human beings. The things I see on a daily basis I would have filed under 'Miracle' not so long ago. Now I understand that these 'Miracles' are in fact very very natural. I have yet to find anything that can not be helped by working with the Breath.

We have one place left for next week's retreat (it's a double room so there are separate sleeping spaces for two persons) so if you are feeling the need for some inspiration just drop us a line. In addition, it's 22 degrees, we have a heated pool and a very bubbly jacuzzi at the ready plus amazing food and our in house bodyworker / magician Martin all make the perfect context for some quality You Time.

If you know somebody who would benefit from a 1-1 breath session in London with yours truly we now have gift vouchers which can be used at any time throughout 2017. They're downloadable in PDF format and cost the same as purchasing a 1-1 session directly.


In this newsletter:

Lanzarote Retreat availability  ▶
London 1-1s  ▶
Festive vouchers  ▶

Last remaining place at the Lanzarote retreat this year: any 4+ night period between 5-11 December in the Suite

Other vacancies in 2017:
Feb 19 - Mar 01
Skyview / Loft / Suite
Apr 20 - May 04
Skyview / Loft / Suite
May 29 - Jun 04
Skyview / Loft / Suite

email us to book  ▶

1-1 sessions in London

•  Dec 15 2016 / 4.30pm
•  Dec 16 2016 / 3pm / 4.30pm
•  Dec 17 2016 / 6pm
•  Dec 18 2016 / 6pm

•  Jan 30 2017
  12pm / 4.30pm / 6pm
•  Jan 31 2017
  3pm / 4.30pm / 6pm
•  Feb 01 2017
  12pm / 1.30pm / 3pm / 4.30pm
•  Feb 02 2017
  12pm / 1.30pm / 3pm / 4.30pm
•  Feb 03 2017
  1.30pm / 3pm / 4.30pm

Email us to book  ▶

1-1 Breath Session
2017 Gift Vouchers

During a 1-1 Breath Session you have 100% of Alan Dolan’s attention. Regular clients will know about his care and intuitive understanding for each individual’s needs, and he will be at your side, responding to your breath every step of the way. 

If you know someone who would benefit from Alan's breath expertise, why not give them a 1-1 voucher this festive season? Vouchers can be used any time in 2017 and cost the same as any other 1-1 session. 

One of the most wonderful experiences of my life…after I felt really serene and clean, like I’d cleared away a lot of rubbish that had built up on a lot of levels. Give it a go – you’ll like what you find.
Anna Bernard

Email us to purchase a voucher  ▶

Discover Conscious Breathing with workshops & 1-1 sessions in London, Cambridge, and Tokyo, and intensive experiences in Lanzarote.
“I feel during our time together at your retreat a little magic happened... my life since has been filled with an abundance of joy and happiness. I'm who I'm meant to be”
Lisa Butcher of ‘What Not To Wear’

“Alan Dolan is one of the best alternative practitioners I’ve worked with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to live a happy, healthy, peaceful life”
Naomie Harris, star of 007 Skyfall & Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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