Breathing Space Retreats July 2015 Newsletter
London workshop; Lanzarote availability; The Bridge
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Breathing Space Retreats, Lanzarote
Alan Dolan

Breathing Space Retreats
July 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone and greetings from the Magic Island.

Having just got back from the Aegean cruise and studies in Italy I'm now getting ready to head to the UK for a workshop at INDABA YOGA on July 18th. These events are great fun and massively powerful into the bargain. If you feel like something deeper and more intensive then head over to the Lanzarote retreat where rapid permanent transformation is the order of the day. I'm in situ all thru summer and availability is listed below! Also in this issue check out the terrific new programme 'The Bridge', designed and facilitated by my friend and colleague Donna Lancaster. 

With love, Alan

In this newsletter:

London workshop  ▶
Latest Lanzarote availability  ▶
The Bridge  ▶

London Workshop
Indaba Yoga, July 18th

There are still a few spaces left at this workshop, taking place this coming Saturday 5-8pm at Indaba Yoga Studio, London NW1 6UA. A great opportunity for newbies to give breath practise a try as well as those who'd like a booster session. Click the link below to book a spot.  ▶

Lanzarote retreats -
latest availability

Jul 21 - 27 / Skyview

Jul 24 - Aug 10 / Suite
Jul 28 - Aug 10 / Loft

Aug 30 - Sep 7 / Loft
Aug 30 - Sep 7 / Suite
Aug 16th - 27th / Skyview

All dates given are windows and you can take any 4+ night stay within the time frames given.

Email us to book  ▶

The Bridge - an Exceptional Healing Experience

"It produced in me an effect that the greatest artists can only hope for - rich epiphanies and insight, and the most intense catharsis... I feel alive." Sunday Times Style Magazine

Donna Lancaster The Bridge is an exciting new five-day personal development experience that takes you on an amazing inner journey of remembering and discovery. Co-founders Gabi Krueger and Donna Lancaster developed The Bridge in response to their clients' need for deep healing and a desire to live in love and truth.

A key focus of The Bridge is grief work. Creating a safe space for people to grieve all of life's losses from bereavement and divorce to loss of direction, trust and hope. The Bridge beautifully blends a mixture of the most effective therapeutic interventions with ancient African ritual practices. The focus is on supporting people to grieve and let go of their losses and in so doing allowing them to return to their natural state of wellbeing; their true self.

Next course: July 28 - August 2  ▶

Discover transformational breathwork with workshops & 1-1 sessions in London, Cambridge, Dublin, Tokyo and Brazil, and intensive experiences in Lanzarote.
“I feel during our time together at your retreat a little magic happened... my life since has been filled with an abundance of joy and happiness. I'm who I'm meant to be”
Lisa Butcher of ‘What Not To Wear’

“Alan Dolan is one of the best alternative practitioners I’ve worked with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to live a happy, healthy, peaceful life”
Naomie Harris, star of 007 Skyfall & Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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