Client Testimonials

Richard Blake, London

“My first experience with a 1-1 session with Alan was incredible. So incredible that I immediately booked my girlfriend in for the next day. I had done about six 1-1 sessions and a beginners workshop and had been really enjoying doing the breathwork at home too. But it was going to the full day advanced workshop that I had the most obvious changed to my life. I had insomnia in the form of not being able to stay asleep through the night. I track my sleep and recovery with a Whoop band so I can see in-depth data about how much REM, Deep and awake time I have each night. Before this workshop, I would spend an average of 2 hours per night awake and my sleep efficiency was around 75%. This is the amount of time you spend asleep divided by the time you spend in bed. Since this workshop my average time awake per night has been 15 minutes and my sleep efficiency has been around 95%. I have the data to prove it if you need!”