1. Why Breathe?
2. UK and Ireland May Workshop dates
3. Easter Story


1. Why Breathe?

Hi everyone A question for you. Why breathe ? and more specifically why Transformational Breath?

After 7 years of exploring and working with Transformational Breath every day I am absolutely convinced that it is THE way to go for those of us intent on getting clear of our stuff and moving onwards and upwards. Totally bypassing the intellect the Breath takes us directly into the deep energetic foundations of our issues and creates change at that level. The emotional, mental and physical aspects of our being then subsequently recalibrate accordingly.

The key point seems to be that the Breath allows us to activate the innate wisdom and healing abilities of the body which although always present are often on standby mode as most of us have closed down our respiratory systems to a greater or lesser extent thereby ¥unplugging¥ these wonderful tools. By consciously connecting and opening our breath we are able to reactivate these truly awesome abilities resulting in significant, permanent and often quantum change. Better still its a self healing modality so once you have the technique it is yours to do with as you see fit and for most of us that means developing a daily 10 minute breath practice.

If you have yet to try it or have tried it but need a jump start see the May workshop dates for London, Cambridge and Dublin. Look forward to seeing you there.

2. Breathe Yourself Alive Workshops May 2011
Suitable for beginners
and experienced ´breathers´


Saturday 7th May at 10am -1pm
Saturday 7th May at 2pm -5pm
Sunday 8th May at 10am -1pm
Sunday 8th May at 2pm -5pm
Price: £40 / £32 concessions
Venue : The Special Yoga Centre
First floor
2a Wrentham avenue
London NW10 3HA
Bookings :020 8968 1900


Cambridge Workshops

Saturday 14th May at 12.00pm -3pm
Saturday 14th May at 4pm - 7pm
Price: £42.50 and £27.50 concessions
Venue: Camyoga, Thomas House,
14 George IV Street, Cambridge CB2 1HH
Bookings : 01223 524 587


Dublin Workshop

Sunday May 29th at 1pm - 4pm
Price : Ä45
95 + 98 Pearse Street
Dublin City Centre
Bookings: 01-6710011

3. Easter Story
Not too long after the end of WW2, my friendís great aunt, who lived in Bedfordshire, sent a dozen eggs, by post, to her grandmother, who lived in Glasgow. On the top of the seeming over large and heavy box was a note ëif they break, bake a cakeí.

Now you may be thinking this was the great auntís version of ëwhen life gives you lemons make lemonadeí ñ but no, the grandmother opened her parcel to find a box filled with flour and tucked inside, individually placed - twelve unbroken eggs.

When things go wrong we are sometimes asked to take a different perspective in order to see things more positively and that can be productive. There are however times when it maybe more useful to be straightforward in our approach. To quote Eckhart Tolle we can seek to turn a problem into an observational fact. Doing so opens up the space for new ideas to emerge. To do this we need to let go of all beliefs we have about the issue, take off our emotive predictions and release the judgements we have wrapped it in. It is what it is ñ no adverbs, no adjectives and no additional ëfactsí. A cracked egg is a cracked egg, it does not become ëa wasted mealí or ëa silly thing to send in the postí or even a lovely egg and what a shameÖ

It is not so easy to be this simple in approach. When boxed in by a problem we usually have quite a few feelings about it and trying to think straight or out of the box through intense emotion is flawed, clouded with confusion. It is like trying to see through flour.

Transformational Breath is a resource just like eggs and flour ñ there are many ways you can apply it. Breathing on a problem is a great way to crack it. Once you have breathed on and around the situation and let go of the feelings that are scrambling the issue it can be much easier to see it for what it is, so allowing new answers to come to you rather than trying to make them happen.

It can be challenging to get out of the mix when life with all its distractions is poaching on your time. That is what the Breathing Space retreats here on Lanzarote are about ñ time for you, time to breathe; time to let life be simple for a while. Most of us have experienced the truth that very often what we think is the issue, isn't. Doing a Breathing Space retreat can be wonderful in letting you release what is really going on, the real reason this problem is on the boil.

So if you feel like sending yourself to Lanzarote, (flour optional!) it will be lovely to see you. Can take delivery at most times of the year J ñ see www.breathguru.com/breath-retreat.html for more details or contact info@breathguru.com for availability.

See you soon

Love Alan


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