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Air supply – the key to a smaller waist and a sharper mind might be learning to inhale

“…Breathing exercises, on the other hand, have been shown in recent studies to lower blood pressure and improve hand-eye co-ordination… Alan Dolan believes they can also save your career – and even your marriage. Dolan conducts retreats on the Canary Islands, where, in addition to yoga, he uses stretches, breath work, and music to help clients reset respiration. ‘I’ve ‘breathed’ athletes, actresses who need help steadying nerves, and couples working on a relationship,’ Dolan says…”

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Natural Health

Take a breath

“‘You might feel like an emotion is coming up here and immediately get a sense of what it related to in your past, or perhaps no information at all. It doesn’t matter…’ he reassures me. ‘It’s there, therefore it’s leaving, and all you’ve got to do is breathe.’ It sounds comforting, and it is. Turns out that ‘just breathing’ through discomfort, anxiety, and even the strange, unexpected tears that are tickling the back of my eyelids now, does help difficult feelings to pass through.”

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The Jewish Chronicle

Lanzarote: Learning to breathe

“…By my third day I had grown fond of the quiet, the luxury of the villa and eating veggie cuisine. Dennis gave me an impromptu shoulder and neck massage by the pool and it hurt. I heard Alan saying: “Breathe into the discomfort”. I did, and when it was over I opened my eyes and that was the tipping point. All at once, I had become dismantled and I simply fell in love. But with what? Alan? Dennis? The view? Or was it with life itself? I inhaled deeply as if to breathe in the moment hoping, as Alan promised, that it would never fade….”

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Top Santé

“A younger, stress-free mind? It’s just a breath away”

“…I book a place on a Lanzarote retreat run by breathing expert Alan Dolan, which takes place at a beautiful hillside villa, just minutes from the sea. He starts by explaining that hesitant or shallow ‘anxiety’ breathing keeps stress trapped in the body… I leave the two-hour session feeling unbelievably relaxed.”

“As the days go by, and as we combine sessions with hillside walks and trips to the nearby beach, we all feel lighter and less stressed. And I’m still feeling the benefits.”

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Gay Star News

“A yoga retreat with a difference”

“The villa where Dolan lives and holds his retreats is modern, comfortable and spacious, without being over-the-top. Boasting spectacular views across the island and out to the ocean, the villa holds no more than three people at a time, ensuring that retreats are deliberately small and intimate – Dolan explains that he feels he can get greater impact and connection this way: ‘It’s all about achieving rapid dramatic change. Allowing yourself to relax and let go, to focus on yourself without feeling guilty.’ ”

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…And breathe

“They sound like big claims but Alan is adamant. ‘It continues to amaze me and my clients that something as simple as this can have such profound effects. Breath is quite literally life! The way we breathe determines how we live our lives. I saw one young woman who had been raped as a child and still felt toxic. After three breathing sessions she wrote to say that she finally felt able to move on with her life.’”

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Diving into the breathing ocean

“…It was the kind of retreat that not only facilitates positive change, but is capable of bringing permanent shifts across your entire spectrum of being. The nature and the depth of those changes are entirely individual, and the journey to them is just as fascinating as the destination.”

“I left feeling more grounded, tranquil and centred, and having opened the door to the new journey I’d been set on: a journey of a relationship with myself. I’ve also left with a deep assurance that I’m yet to experience all the benefits the retreat had given to me, as I go back into my daily life and watch the results of those inner changes taking place.”

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Breathe easy

“…The benefits are said to be two-fold: you feel a real natural high, and the concentration required frees your mind so that you enter an almost meditative state. You can master the technique in an hour- long, one-to-one session with a teacher, then practise at home whenever you need extra energy or feel stressed. “That’s what I truly love about it – its power,” says Alan.”

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Victoria Health

Free your breath

“…Then I met Alan Dolan who teaches a therapeutic breath technique called conscious breathing. In the first session, I found myself taking huge, deep belly breaths for nearly an hour to a peculiar rhythm, eyes closed, propped up with a stack of Indian embroidered cushions. Sounds bizarre, and it was. I slid into a deeply meditative, almost ecstatic state, and I felt like I could ‘let go’ of a whole lot of emotional baggage (often held as tension in the body: Alan uses acupressure massage during the session to help release it). I felt energised and uplifted afterwards, if exhausted and dehydrated. Everyone has a different experience; it can be relief of physical symptoms such as breathing difficulties, anxiety, low energy, as well as working on the more emotional side of letting go of trauma, giving you a confidence boost or a feeling of clarity. Regular practice is recommended – you learn the technique as a ‘take home’ as well as going to sessions. Alan teaches groups and one to ones around the country as well as at his gorgeous retreat in Lanzarote.”

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How to breathe better

“…‘Be careful over the rest of the day,’ [Alan] says. ‘You might feel different.’ He’s right. Walking back to the office I feel dazed. Oddly obscure memories flit into my brain and there’s a sense of altered frequency, that the world is a subtly different place…”

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Harper's Bazaar - Breathing Space Retreats - breathguru

Harper’s Bazaar

Feel good

“‘The Bhastrika Breath energises you instantly,’ says Alan Dolan, of Breathing Space Holidays. ‘Try inhaling through your nose as you stretch your arms up. Now clench your fists as you exhale through the mouth with a “ha” sound, while bringing your hands down to chest level…’”

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