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“Alan was great, makes you feel very supported and not on your own.”

Fifi, Glasgow

“…that was the single most intensive and awe-inspiring moment of my life.”

Workshop attendee, London

“I don’t drink coffee or alcohol anymore and I practice every morning and every night… I feel wonderful!”

Donatella, Lake Lucerne, Italy

“So much loveLOVElove and thankyouTHANKYOUthankyou for expert guidance and care, as always!”

Helen, London

“Thank you for an extraordinary time…what a wonderful life! So much love and laughter…”

Susie B

“The single most enriching journey of my life”

Naz, London

“One of the best things we’ve ever done together”

Minal & Caludio, London

“I feel so much better within myself”

Jimmy Murray, London

“After just four days under Alan’s guidance, I felt as if decades of stress and trauma had been lifted. I arrived an overwrought, adrenaline-addled TV producer and left noticeably calmer and feeling more like the “better me” I had nearly forgotten existed.

The basics of beneficial breathing quickly took on a natural ease for me. Nurtured by Alan and his wise team, and delighted by his adorable canine companion Louis, I returned from the breathing oasis lighter and brighter in every sense, including bidding goodbye to those telltale under-eye bags.

The effects are long lasting and daily practice is easy — I’m feeling great, softer and more serene. Life seems easier, with things suddenly falling into place. ‘Keep it coming!’ as Alan likes to remind us.”


“One of the most important weeks of my life”

Nicky, London

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