Breathing Space Retreats September 2014 Newsletter
Jack Elias Spontaneous Solutions Workshop; Lanzarote retreat availability; Blooming Cactus
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Breathing Space Retreats
September 2014 Newsletter

Hi everyone, hope you've had a great summer!

Firstly a quick flag up that I'm heading your way and will be running a workshop on Sunday 14th September, 1.30 - 4.30pm at the beautiful Indaba Yoga Studio, London NW1 6UA - a good one for newbies but also those experiencing resistance to their breath practice who'd like a booster session to get back on the wagon. Email for more details.

Plus I've got a few other things to tell you about: a fantastic workshop from Jack Elias; news from our chef, Rebecca; and the latest availability for Lanzarote Retreats. Read on!

Love, Alan

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Jack Elias' 'Spontaneous Solutions' workshop  ▶
Latest Lanzarote retreat availability  ▶
News from our chef, Rebecca  ▶

Jack Elias' 'Spontaneous Solutions' workshop - London, October

A truly brilliant teacher from the US is giving a 4-day workshop in South Hampstead, London, starting on 3rd October.

Jack Elias has achieved a highly respected global following for his work in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy / NLP and has trained with some of the most respected Buddhist and Yogic teachers for over 45 years - including Suzuki Roshi, who is credited with bringing Zen to the Western world.

I had the pleasure of attending one of Jack's 28 day intensives in Seattle over a decade ago and it still remains one of the highlights of my journey to date. Jack's light-hearted approach together with a razor-like ability to deconstruct thoughts and beliefs was different to anything I had experienced before.

It's quite rare that Jack visits the UK so if you can get to this one do, especially if you are thinking 'been there, done that' re: NLP / hypnotherapy. This will be on a whole different level.

Find out more and book  ▶

Lanzarote - latest availability

Oct 19th - 29th / Skyview/Suite/Loft
Nov 22nd - Dec 5th / Suite
Nov 25th - 30th / Skyview

Email us to book  ▶

News from our chef, Rebecca, and her restaurant Blooming Cactus

Rebecca, our terrific chef at Breathing Space Retreats, has decided to create a bit more balance in her life and sell the lease to Blooming Cactus, the only veggie/vegan restaurant on Lanzarote. If you are interested in a life on Lanzarote or know anyone who might be, please get in touch with her directly:

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“I feel during our time together at your retreat a little magic happened... my life since has been filled with an abundance of joy and happiness. I'm who I'm meant to be”
Lisa Butcher of ‘What Not To Wear’

“Alan Dolan is one of the best alternative practitioners I’ve worked with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to live a happy, healthy, peaceful life”
Naomie Harris, star of 007 Skyfall & Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
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