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Monday, April 7, 2014

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Alan at the MindBodySpirit London Wellbeing Festival

Alan will be appearing at the MindBodySpirit London Wellbeing Festival on 26th May with an introductory workshop to conscious breathing.

Suitable for complete beginners to breathwork as well as experienced breathers. All participants will receive sufficient knowledge and technique to be able to initiate their own daily practice post-workshop. Alan will explain what conscious breathing is, how it works, typical experiences and benefits, demonstrate the method followed by a group breath session facilitated by Alan and other certified facilitators

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Easyjet Traveller

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“It feels like every cell in my body is blissed out”

“…With panoramic volcano sunsets visible from the sky-blue swimming pool and pink, flowering cacti in the garden, it’s certainly an idyllic setting…there’s a beaming smile on my face I haven’t seen since I was in my 20s”

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Wellness Retreats: Kill Two Birds With One Stone On Your Next Vacation

“…The shift he and his clients have experienced from conscious breathing is not simply one from sad to happy or weak to energetic, but one that changes the way you live. Dolan describes it as going from “black and white to full technicolor, 3D, hi-def.”

  1. See the full article at askmen.com

Client Feedback

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“So much lighter in spirit, invigorated… like I’ve come out of hibernation and am fully alive again.”

Anne, Glasgow

Client Feedback

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“I feel as though you have guided me to fully recognise that each and every one of us carry within our being a truly wonderful tool that is always ready to be accessed at any given moment. The simplicity and beauty of conscious breathing provides a powerful bedrock of support for the whole of my being… and your intuitive guidance to find this within oneself was so sensitive and poignant.”

Susannah, London

Client Feedback

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“Quick, effective, inspiring and intense.”

Lisa, UK

Client Feedback

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“Brings harmony and balance to my everyday life… allows me to be liberated from my mind and emotions and as a result I have become happier and less stressed… my experience in Lanzarote was tremendously spiritual and peaceful.”

Shantal, Essex

Client Feedback

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“I came to Lanzarote to learn : how to consciously breathe, but I came away having remembered how to laugh, a sensitive midwife, Alan Dolan, was on hand who created the space for this to happen”

Barbara, Glasgow

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