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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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London Wellbeing Festival – Conscious Connected Breathing Workshop 27th May, 2018

Join Alan Dolan for a Conscious Connected Breathing Workshop during the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival.

Alan Dolan : Conscious Connected Breathing Workshop : Sunday 27 May 10:45 – 12:45

Workshop tickets only £20.00 for Wellbeing Festival ticket holders.

The Wellbeing Festival is a 4 day event for all aspects of self-development. Featuring inspirational and motivational speakers, workshops and performances, alongside favourites such as the Yoga Studio, The Ceremony Space, Mantra Lounge, Wellbeing Studio, Live Stage & Chill Space.

The workshop programme offers a collection of awesome international workshop leaders and cutting edge teachers. Presenting new ideas on Relationships, Awakening, Feng shui, Inspired Living, NLP, Yoga, Meditation, Modern Shamanism, Science and Angels. As always the focus is to offer you practical life skills, tools and techniques you can use to experience more of what you truly want from your life.

The Breath Guru workshop event hosted by Breath Guru founder, Alan Dolan, takes place on Sunday 27 May starting at 10:45 until 12:45.

For more information please go to : https://www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk/london/presenter/alan-dolan

The full festival programme can be downloaded HERE



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Are you and your partner holiday incompatible? Take our quiz and find out

“…I’m in a Zen-like refuge in the hills of Lanzarote, being lulled into a meditative trance by Alan Dolan, one of the world’s leading mind-body practitioners. I’ve just had the best craniosacral massage of my life…

On top of Alan’s reputation for being no-nonsense, breathwork can be life-changing. One of the strongest well-being trends of the past year, its devotees (including Kate Hudson and Naomie Harris) swear that it eradicates stress, improves digestion, boosts energy levels and helps with trauma and emotional upheaval.

What’s more, between twice-daily ‘conscious breathing’ sessions at his sellout Breathing Space workshop, there are volcanoes to hike, delicious veggie meals, and world-class massages and bodywork sessions from Martin Cairoli plus individual counselling sessions from Donna Lancaster. It’s the Rolls-Royce of wellness breaks and, I’d thought, the perfect one to pop Sean’s cherry…

Alan rouses us, and everyone apart from me gently moves, opening their eyes, starry-eyed and blown-of-mind. Including Sean. ‘I really don’t understand what just happened, but that was amazing,’ he says, softly, and takes my hand…”

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Sophie Qureshi tries a breathing workshop

“…Go to a breathing workshop at the Landmark London’s newly revamped spa. The Marylebone hotel’s red-brick exterior and fabulous glass-ceilinged atrium, complete with towering palm trees, are like something out of a Wes Anderson movie, but the spa is decidedly modern, as is its partnership with the Breathguru, Alan Dolan. “Conscious breathing” is tipped to be one of 2018’s hottest wellness trends, promising to banish anxiety, cure insomnia and alleviate stress and depression. Dolan’s approach is brilliant if you’re normally too fidgety for traditional meditation methods. His “connected breath” technique – mouth wide open, long inhale and shorter exhale, with no pause in between – not only fills the body with energising oxygen, but also requires considerable physical focus (which stops the mind meandering back to unsent emails).

Unlike many modern-day “gurus”, who create dependency on their services, Dolan promises he can teach you this life-changing technique in just one session (though when you meet him, you can see why people keep going back). You’ll walk out feeling not only relaxed but inexplicably lighter, as though your lungs are somehow larger…”

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Client Feedback

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“I’ll be honest I was cautious about if I could get anything from just ‘breathing’. Seeing as I’d been breathing pretty successfully for all of my life. I remember even saying to Alan I was worried he wouldn’t be able to help me, I’d be that one in a million that’s beyond help or just wouldn’t get it. I’ve never been happier to be so wrong in my life. The retreat was an amazing experience and I started to feel the huge benefits very quickly which was so exciting. I felt myself changing in small but deep ways day by day. What’s great was that it’s given me something I can do myself now everyday. And I have. The effects ripple out into so many other areas of your life. I hope you try it”

Christian O´Connell Radio DJ, comedian, author

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