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With breathwork we can enjoy optimum health, mental and emotional clarity, and experience an ever-deepening relationship with ourselves. It’s the means by which we can embark upon the ultimate journey: the one where we discover who we really are. And it can facilitate the growth needed in order for us to transform into who we’re capable of becoming.

All of Alan Dolan’s work is based around one simple breathing technique, which you can vary depending on how you want to feel or what you’d like to achieve. The best way to learn is to come along to a workshop, 1-1 session or to Lanzarote on retreat, where you’ll be taught how to use conscious breathing effectively and be guided and supervised as you go along – paving the way for really transformative experiences.

Alan’s introductory film provides a short preview (or recap if you’ve already attended) of what it’s all about.

There are two more films to watch – one on the technique itself, and one on FAQs – and you can access them now: just sign up to our Breathing Space mailing list at the foot of this page or on the Newsletters page and you’ll be sent the links.