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Some of our clients who regularly practice yoga have enthusiastically told us how breathwork has taken their practice to a whole new level. How wonderful!

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Conscious breathing differs from yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) in a number of ways. Primarily its aim is to bring about 100% usage of the respiratory system, thereby bringing much greater levels of oxygen and energy into the body than would otherwise be experienced. Yogis who practice breathwork are often amazed at how powerful their experiences are. Subsequently it has been referred to as a “Pranayama for the 21st century” (Yoga Magazine, October 2006).

Technically, conscious breathing is not a pranayama (the meaning of which is ‘breath control’) in that it can more accurately be described as a form of breath release. However, it could certainly be termed a form of Yoga in that it does facilitate union between the mind, body and spirit. Most yogi(ni)s who practice with Alan are amazed and delighted with the results and realise that breathwork is far from being simply ‘another breath technique.’